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Windows vs Linux

windows vs linux

As we know Linux vs windows is a very old and very well known battle between those two kinds of users.

Sometimes security, sometimes easiness, and everything come in this battle.
So today let us discuss the Windows vs Linux but will not be concluding that whether windows are best or Linux is best because it is dependent on the user and their needs.

What is Windows?

Windows is a paid and licensed operating system and its source code is inaccessible and made by Microsoft. it is a very simple and easy to use operating system and best for those who have zero or less programming skills. 

What is Linux?

On the other hand, Linux is an open-source operating system based on UNIX which provides programming as well as user interface compatibility. It was created by finish student Linus Torvalds who wanted an operating system that is freely available for anyone.

File Systems

In windows, files are stored in different data drives C, D, E.
On the other hand, Linux uses a tree data structure starting with the root directory. the root directory is considered as the root of the file system and further branches out in subdirectories, represented by forwarding slash '/'.
In windows, there are 4 types of user 
  • Administrator 
  • Standard
  • child 
  • Guest

In Linux there are 3 types of users:

1. Regular:
A regular user account is created when we install ubuntu. Your all files and work are saved in the home directories because as a general user you cannot access other user's data

2. Administrative:
It is a kind of superuser that also exists at the time of installation of Linux. It is a root user that can access all restricted files, all software, and everything. Whenever you want to change any restricted or install any software you need to be logged in as root user.

3. Service:
Linux is widely used as a server user operating system. Services like apache, squid have their individual account which increases the security of Linux. Linux can deny or allow depending on the various services. 

FIle name Convention

In the window, you cant save two files with the same even if you change the case of some letter in the name.
But I Linux you can save two files with the same name by changing cases of some letters.


As Linux is open-source software so many changes are occurring between them and therefore many distributions are there. But in window OS, customization is not  that much user compatible


As a Windows user, you must have experienced that your system slows down with time and then you have to reinstall, reboot it and update it. It is a headache you have to reboot it for almost everything like laptop slow, OS getting slow, some crashes happened, etc.
But in the Linux you do not have to anything just after installation it will be fast, smooth, and secure for a long time, in fact, a much longer time.


Linux is more speedy than windows. Defragmentation is now finished in Linux. Linux is better at handling multiprocess
System Updates:
In Linux user has full control on which part of software do they want to update and install. The update process is also easier.
But windows is very infamous about its random popups and updates


Windows wins this race of gaming easily. Steam, Epic, and many other clients provide huge numbers of games from AAA publishers and from small indie. Linux supports very few games because developers make games according to the window because of a wide range of use.


Linux supports almost all programming languages (like c, c++, Perl, ruby, python, java). In addition, it also gives a wide range of applications useful for programming purposes.

Differences between Windows vs Linux conclusion:

We saw in the above comparison that in almost all criteria Linux wins over the window but still, almost 88.7 percent of market share is in hands of windows just because it provides users the easiest way to use their software and keep things very simple. If you are very serious about security and speed then you should truly go for Linux. But finally, it depends on you

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