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5 Best Hybrid app development Frameworks 2020

Almost all of us have a lot of mobile apps on our mobile and all are necessary also. So it is very important that our apps should be fast and smooth. The robustness and success of our app mainly depend on the frameworks you choose for the development of your app. As the web is also growing very fastly and responsive websites are in trend now so we want a mobile app that covers all three platform web, android, and iOS. so we move toward hybrid app development. first of all, let us know the key difference between hybrid and native app. Then we will see 5 Best Hybrid app development Frameworks 2020.


Native apps are basically made for a single platform whether it is iOs or android. A native android app will be programmed in java or kotlin and an iOS app will be programmed in swift or objective-c. Android apps are made on android studio and iOS apps are the fastest but at the same time, one platform cannot be used for other platforms.


Hybrid apps are considered as a combination of native and web app. It is developed using web technologies like javascript, HTML, CSS. Hybrid is more scalable and a single code base can run on a different platform. Hybrid apps are easy to make but very fast.
These are just the basic difference between hybrid and native apps there are much more. We see how important and unique hybrid apps are, so it is very requisite that we choose the best framework for our hybrid app. here are some of the frameworks for hybrid app

1. Xamarin 

Xamarin founded in 2011 is one of the best frameworks for developing cross-platform apps. We can reuse the code, tool in Xamarin which makes it more productive and easier to develop hybrid apps. 
It has been rewritten in c# which means it will give a native app-like experience to the users.


Ionic framework is incorporated with a rich library that gives a rich frontend experience and gives extraordinary results when worked with angular js. It is one of the most popular frameworks for hybrid apps because it gives may features. It mainly focuses on UI elements pf app and a graphical representation,. It is easy to learn and progressive web apps are easy to develop using ionic.

3. React-native 

The top framework for hybrid web development in 2020. It is developed by Facebook so you can see predict the authority it will give. React native as the name suggest give us a naive app-like experience to the end-users. It is also very easy to learn and can be used for web development too. many famous apps like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp have been developed on this framework.


If Facebook can launch its hybrid app development framework, wh would google not. Flutter, a product of Google, is a cross mobile app development platform. Its programming language called dart, which is very easy to learn. Flutter gives high production value to its end-user. Man big companies like Alibaba, birch finance, hamilton musical etc, created their app using flutter 

5. Phone Gap

Phonegap, also known as apache Cordova, is one of the best hybrid app development framework. developers just need to have the basic knowledge. Knowledge of javascript, HTML, CSS, is needed o learn this language. 

Hope you are feeling cleaner in choosing your framework

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