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How to start Ethical Hacking?

Many of you have heard about the term "Ethical hacking" and I am sure that many of you must want to learn about this techy thing. Well, this blog is surely for you and in this blog, I am going to show you how can ethical hacking from scratch. 
But before this tutorial, I want to make things one thing very clear to my viewers that if you just want to learn hacking just for the sake of hacking your friend's Facebook account then you may not get too much success. 
So let us get started.
The word hacking is a very wide word, many subbranches come under its umbrella like pen-testing, auditing, software testing. You can use your hacking skills in many ways whether it is good or bad. If hacking skills are used for bad practices or unauthorized entry then it is called Black Hat hacking and if you used it for the betterment of society then you will be called white hat hacker. So I promote you to use it betterment of society, and its time to change the color of your hat. 

There are many types of hacker:

  • white hat- use hacking for a better purpose
  • black hat- use hacking for a bad purpose
  • grey hat- gets unauthorized access but show the weakness of the company
  • script kiddie- a person who uses some pre-made tool
  • Hacktivist- who hacks some idea and leave some messages

Prerequisites for being an ethical hacker

1. Some knowledge of programming languages:

In ethical hacking, you should have knowledge about some programming languages. For the web, you need to learn HTML, PHP, ASP, JSP. For mobile applications use JAVA, C#, Swift(iOS). For desktop-based, you need to learn C++, C#, etc.

2. Operating System knowledge

You also need to have knowledge of operating system like how the architecture works and everything is a handle at kernel level;

3. Knowledge about networking and security

Hacking is mainly based on connecting your network to any other network and manipulating IP addresses. For this to do ou need to have plenty of knowledge of networking and security. there are many courses for learning networking and security like cisco provides one.

Career opportunities in ethical hacking

There are lots of career opportunities in the ethical hacking field. You can be hired as pentester, software tester, finding loopholes in websites, forensic investigator, data analyst and list do not end here there is a lot of opportunities.

Some learning sources

1. Certified ethical hacker

It is well pronounced coursed for learning ethical having stuff like sniffing, pen-testing, network scanning, session hijacking, password hacking, web servers. It is organized by the EC council. Here is the link: CEH

2. Certified Network defender

This course also organized by the EC council this course basically gives you knowledge about networking and security as an ethical hacker must have knowledge of this. It is also recognized by the department of defense. 

Recommended Books

1. Hacking for dummies- the dummies series of Wiley is basically a beginner-friendly book.
It is a very good book for those who want to learn ethical hacking but have less programming knowledge.

2. CEHv10 study guide by SYBEX: This book aims for the preparation of Certified ethical hacker. This explains the hacking methodology. 
3. Hacking, the art of exploitation: This book is very popular among the white hat hacker probably because of the way everything is explained in it. The best part of this book is that even if you have no or less knowledge about ethical hacking. This book covers programming languages like C, Scripting with bash, C#, operating system

Websites and blogs

1. PortSwigger's blog: Daydstusart is known as portswigger.His blogs contain the latest information about the vulnerability, a new features of Burpsuite, and his own finding as a bug bounty hunter.

2. The hacker news: The latest blog for cybersecurity-related news. It gives information about new vulnerabilities, news related to cybercrime, data breaches, hacktivism.

3. HackerOne: HackerOne is a bug bounty platform. Bug Bounty program may allow disclosure of vulnerability when it is resolved. These vulnerabilities can be used to see how vulnerabilities can be looked at in a target.

If you find this article helpful, hit like button, and comment on any suggestions. Thanks for reading.


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