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Getting started with Web Development

In today's world, every field needs a website to maintain their businesses, advertise their products, sell their product. But everyone has not so much time that they will make their own customized websites on their own. So here comes the role Web Developer, they make websites for them. At the end of the blog, I will also give some awesome resources.

You can also be a web developer by following below steps:
So let us start how you can start web development:


Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript:

These are the basic things you have to learn in web development. Most of you must have learned HTML in their school times, yes it is the same that you learned in school for creating webpages. Just the difference between then and now is HTML has been improved a little bit and has become HTML5 now.
But you don't need to worry just some new features are added in the existing version, now you can do much more in HTML. 

CSS or Cascading Style Sheet is used to style our webpage so it looks nice and fancy. You can even create awesome colors and animation on your webpage. CSS is very necessary because every client needs the design of the product very neat, nice, and smooth, the same thing CSS does for us.

JavaScript: Now you have made the webpage and don with styling but your website is not a showpiece it should have some functionality, it should respond when we click on the button on the website when they hover on some element it should respond. JavaScript a scripting language that helps us to give these functionalities. It is one of the best scriptings languages which makes our webpage smooth and functional.

Step 2:

BootStrap: Have you ever noticed how a website changes it design when it is opened in the mobile, laptop, tablet accordingly. The web actually doesn't change the design it is actually responsive. It adapts to the screen size of the device.  Bootstrap is an  open-source framework used to create responsive websites
. It is similar to CSS but it has predefined elements that are responsive.

Step 3:

As up to now you have learned how your web page will look like but now the question is what about the backend functionalities? Backend here I mean like storing of data, fetching of data, login functionalities, etc. Now we are going to discuss the backend part;
Learning NodeJs and MongoDb:
Many people will tell you for learning PHP and MySQL for backend coding of websites but I personally feel they require too much coding a has become old now, so we have to move on to new technologies and not only that NodeJs also have much application than websites only, you can create APIs and much more. 
MongoDB is a very latest technology of databases in which you don't have to such much of queries and you also don't have to install heavy tools like WAMP, XAMP, etc.

Source to learn:

Advance Technologies to learn in web development:


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