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5 Best Hybrid app development Frameworks 2020

Almost all of us have a lot of mobile apps on our mobile and all are necessary also. So it is very important that our apps should be fast and smooth. The robustness and success of our app mainly depend on the frameworks you choose for the development of your app. As the web is also growing very fastly and responsive websites are in trend now so we want a mobile app that covers all three platform web, android, and iOS. so we move toward hybrid app development. first of all, let us know the key difference between hybrid and native app. Then we will see  5 Best Hybrid app development Frameworks 2020. Native Native apps are basically made for a single platform whether it is iOs or android. A native android app will be programmed in java or kotlin and an iOS app will be programmed in swift or objective-c. Android apps are made on android studio and iOS apps are the fastest but at the same time, one platform cannot be used for other platforms. Hybrid  Hybrid apps are considered as a combinat

Windows vs Linux

As we know Linux vs windows is a very old and very well known battle between those two kinds of users. Sometimes security, sometimes easiness, and everything come in this battle. So today let us discuss the Windows vs Linux  but will not be concluding that whether windows are best or Linux is best because it is dependent on the user and their needs. What is Windows? Windows is a paid and licensed operating system and its source code is inaccessible and made by Microsoft. it is a very simple and easy to use operating system and best for those who have zero or less programming skills.  What is Linux? On the other hand, Linux is an open-source operating system based on UNIX which provides programming as well as user interface compatibility. It was created by finish student Linus Torvalds who wanted an operating system that is freely available for anyone. File Systems In windows, files are stored in different data drives C, D, E. On the other hand, Linux uses a tree data structure starting

Getting started with Web Development

In today's world, every field needs a website to maintain their businesses, advertise their products, sell their product. But everyone has not so much time that they will make their own customized websites on their own. So here comes the role Web Developer, they make websites for them. At the end of the blog, I will also give some awesome resources. You can also be a web developer by following below steps: So let us start how you can start web development: Step1: Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript: These are the basic things you have to learn in web development. Most of you must have learned HTML in their school times, yes it is the same that you learned in school for creating webpages. Just the difference between then and now is HTML has been improved a little bit and has become HTML5 now. But you don't need to worry just some new features are added in the existing version, now you can do much more in HTML.  CSS or Cascading Style Sheet is used to style our webpage so it looks ni

Deno Vs Node.Js

Hey folks, Today we are going to talk about Deno and NodeJs.  As all of us know that Deno is officially released now. Many of us are thinking kingdom of NodeJs is now over after the coming of NodeJs just because it is made by the developer of NodeJs itself. Well, this is not true. Let us discuss this stepwise. The History of Deno: As stated above Deno was invented by Ryan Dahl(inventor of NodeJs).  It is the next big discovery, Ryan, after NodeJs. Dahl started working on Nodejs since 2009 and it was a great invention too. But after some years he realized that he had done many mistakes in NodeJs that cannot be just solved by updating a version. Moreover, he also mentions in a program about 10 things I regret in Nodejs , where he announced the Deno- a javascript and typescript runtime.  So many developers of Nodejs fear that NodeJs will be replaced because Ryan dahl itself created the competition of NodeJs. But they should not fear dahl himself said in another event. Dahl himself said in

How to start Ethical Hacking?

Many of you have heard about the term " Ethical hacking " and I am sure that many of you must want to learn about this techy thing. Well, this blog is surely for you and in this blog, I am going to show you how can ethical hacking from scratch.  But before this tutorial, I want to make things one thing very clear to my viewers that if you just want to learn hacking just for the sake of hacking your friend's Facebook account then you may not get too much success.  So let us get started. The word hacking is a very wide word, many subbranches come under its umbrella like pen-testing, auditing, software testing. You can use your hacking skills in many ways whether it is good or bad. If hacking skills are used for bad practices or unauthorized entry then it is called Black Hat hacking and if you used it for the betterment of society then you will be called white hat hacker. So I promote you to use it betterment of society, and its time to change the color of your hat.  There a